Weebly Tutorial 2016 – layouts, templates, and page structure

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It’s time for a new Weebly tutorial! There have been so many new features and updates to the platform, that I felt it necessary to make a new set of Weebly tutorials. This new series will be broken up into smaller segments that cover individual aspects of building a site using this CMS.

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In this video, we look at how to set up the Weebly site, choosing a theme, how to change your theme, how to create new pages, as well as how to organize your pages, and how to use the new Layouts function.

This is what forms the foundation of our site. From here, it will be much easier for users and Google to use and understand the site (easy SEO!).

For this test, we’re going to build an eCommerce site where people can purchase cosplay and prop making supplies, as well as watch tutorials and read guides. So, obviously, we have a store page. We’re also adding in a blog so that we can keep our visitors up to date on the newest events and techniques. We are using another blog function for the tutorial and DIY pages (just because they help us keep everything organized.

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