Lifetime Hosting – Pay once – Host forever.

Lifetime Hosting –

Lifetime Hosting is a revolutionary new web hosting pricing model where you pay once and host your website forever.

This type of pricing model is unheard of in the web hosting industry.

With most web hosting providers you sign up for a plan (usually at a great introductory price) and after a few months, or a year, your monthly price sky rockets.

I just had this happen to me with one of the major hosting companies.

I actually got a great deal on a 3 year plan. About a month ago my 3 year plan ran out and I ended up buying a 3 month extension for about half of what I paid for the entire 3 year deal!

Yes, I felt (and still feel) disgusted at the provider, as well as at myself for not moving my sites sooner.

Guess where I moving them now. 😉

If you are looking for a new place to host your website without recurring fees then Lifetime Hosting is for you!

Lifetime.Hosting is LITERALLY the last web hosting you will every buy, join thousands of customers that WON’T be paying us month-after-month, year-after-year for rock solid web hosting.

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