How to create a new web hosting account in WHM cPanel reseller hosting account

In this video we are going to teach you how to create a hosting account In WHM cPanel.

First of all you must access your WHM panel. Afterwards, you’re going to go here (see timecode 0:31) to the search box and type “account”. You’re going to scroll here and click “Create a New Account”.
We’re going to scroll a little this screen. Here we form the domain name, so
this will be the hosted domain name. As part of domain name the username loads automatically. You must take note of this username. Here you’re going to type the password and then we are going to re-type confirming the password.

You can also use the password generator if you prefer. It will generate a very strong password.
But we are going to use my own password. Here (see timecode 0:31) you may inform the client email address, so lets use just an example.

On the package we can create predefined packages or else we can just select options manually.
To make things easier i’m going to select manually.

So we can just save this as a new package if you prefer. And let me just create disk space. Lets give to this account 10 GB.

We are going to keep the bandwidth unlimited, so we are going to keep everything unlimited, lets say you must limit the number of databases. We are going to leave this to 5 databases and here (see timecode 2:54) you can limit the Parked and Addon domains, we are going to limit to 5 domains for instance, for example.

We can also perfom a nice limitation of the hour limit for email subject so that we can prevent this account doesn’t send so many emails, so we are going to keep here, lets say 200 maximum hourly emails.

And then we can leave it here (see timecode 3:25) the maximum number of email failures

This is also important for to avoid spamming. So, in this example we are going to use here lets say 50.

So we can just “save as a new package” for you to use in the future an then as you save as a new package. This package will appear here (see timecode 3:52). That you doesn’t need to select again all the parameters.

We are going to give the name as “plan1”, and then we are going to scroll down.

Here (see timecode 4:12) you select if this account will have a dedicated IP or not.

In this example we are using the same IP as the main server. Here shell access if wish your customer to be able to access server by SSH.

We can either select of deselect this CGI access. We don’t recommend changing it this is a default.
Now we select the language we are keeping it in english. Then you can keep this as a reseller or a standard customer.

By default we are not selecting this. We are just creating a standard account. Some DNS options, we strongly recommend “enabling SPF” which should increase the security for your emails, it helps a lot.

This are the DNS servers, you must using your domain register

After creating this account you must go to your register or else the company where you
register the domain name, and configure this two DNS servers.

So that your account will work. Now let just keep these as a default there is no need to change this.

And then we’re going to click “Create” to confirm and start creating the account. Our account was just created successfully.

It is very important for you to take note of this (see timecode 6:15) information, it will be mailed to your customer.

But is very important that you take note. Keep this info, here you are, the domain name we just created, the username that we’ll use to access the cPanel or FTP or something, the password which is defined, the quota, the DNS servers or anything you may need.

Ok, so this is it, the account is created.

You are just ready to configure the DNS servers in the domain register for our customer. And the site is ready to be published.

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