Hostnine Reseller Hosting Review

Hostnine Reseller Hosting Review –

Hostnine resellers hosting is a hidden gem when it comes to finding hosting for SEO and also building blog networks. Especially if you are just getting started building your own blog networks then this hosting is the best of any available.

Why is it the best?
A few reasons make it the best for new owners of blog networks. First off Hostnine has 6 different geographical locations is host your blogs. Then after you install your new domains on the locations usually you are able to obtain c-class ips as well.

Couple those two things together and that is a pretty strong start for building backlinks to your money sites.

Also when you are cash strapped and need a bit of income to help pay for the resellers account, well it is pretty easy to find at least 10 subscribers who will pay you a couple dollars per month to host their sites for them.

Anyways if you want to learn more about why I love Hostnine so much, give my video a watch and then visit my blog to read more.

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